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Fishing tours.

Краснопер на Гуре

The Gur river - the Amur river inflow - is one of the most beautiful taiga rivers of the Russian Far East.

It's a wonderful place for enjoying nature, fishing, picking up mushrooms and berries.

The tour is suitable for families with kids, students and others who have not had any special rafting experience before.

Common tour duration is 3 or 4 days.

The most suitable time is May,9 - September,20.


Day 1.
After arrival in Komsomolsk tourists have a short excursion round the city.
At 4:45 pm they leave for Aksaka station by train (170 km).
At night they land at Aksaka and camp (the river is 200 metres near by the station).

Day 2.
All the day tourists are rafting down the Gur river on catamarans, canoes and boats, fishing.
In the evening - camping. Spending night in tents.

Day 3.
Rafting down the Gur river.
In the evening - arrival in Snezhny village and departure for Komsomolsk by bus.
9:00 pm - Arrival to the city.
11:00 pm - Leaving for Khabarovsk.

If you want you can extend your trip for a day or two to spend more time fishing and resting.

We provide our tourists with all necessary equipment for fishing and rafting.

Щуки Гура

Cutting fish on the bank of Amur river

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