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 monument skimen Komsomolsk

Dear guests of our city!

We really hope that political situation will become stable, and the first, most daring tourists will arrive in Komsomolsk –na-Amure. In the meantime, write and call WatsApp +79141891784, +79141773724, see and we will find a way to contact you for tourist assistance.

"NATA -TOUR" would like to offer you its services.

We arrange a variety of activities such as city tours, excursions to local museums and galleries, tickets( including ferry tickets from Vanino to Kholmsk on Sakhalin island ), accommodation in hotel & countryside sanatoriums, home stay, tours to settlements of the native people of the Amur river, picnics, skiing, fishing and river rafting, and more…

We offer the best yacht cruises on the Amur.

Our vehicles include: cars, minibuses, snowmobiles, bicycle hire.

Great for group tours, convention shuttles, ski trips, business events, school trips, sporting events.

Safe, reliable, competitive pricing!!!

Ecological tours
Excursion tours
Ethnographic tours

   Tours for foreign tourists  
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