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“Down the Arsenyev path”. Hiking Tour.
(app. 960 km/640 ml long, divided in 3 parts)

Vladimir Arsenev (1872-1930)

Duration: 14 days
Most appropriate season: Aug, 1st – Sep, 20th.

Vladimir Arsenyev is a famous Russian writer, historian and explorer of the Russian Far East of late 19th – early 20th cent.

This tough route provides you a unique opportunity to follow one of the original expeditions done by Arsenyev in 1908-1910.

Traveling around taiga woods you will enjoy gorgeous sceneries of virgin nature described in Arsenyev’s books. You will do much hiking, making your way through thickets of rare Far-Eastern herbs and plants – a real jungle experience! In rare cases you may see the King of the Taiga – the Ussury tiger.

The tour also includes rafting, riding a car and train.

The route is divided in 3 parts, with an opportunity to take each one as an individual tour.

This tour is recommended for physically apt people – young, students and adults with special interest who already had some hiking and camping experience.

The tour takes start in the city of Khabarovsk.

Part 1

Day 1.
Participants leave by car to the source of the Khor River (180 km/113 miles, 4 hours ride). Along the way they stop at Mukhen mineral springs. After reaching the Khor River they have their lunch, may fish and set up their equipment. Camping out in tents of 3-4 people.

Days 2-5.
The group on foot crosses a mountain passage to the valley of the Anuy River (50 km/31 miles), camping out in tents.

Days 6-8.
Rafting down the Anuy River (not wild) on a catamaran (150 km/94 miles) and fishing. Camp, sauna at night.

Day 9.
Hitting the road and riding a car to Lidoga village on the Amur River (100 km/63 miles). Relaxation and lodging at a village inn. Sauna.

Part 2

Day 10.
Taking a vehicle up the stream of the Gur River (190 km/119 miles) to the Uktur station and rafting down the river.

Day 11.
Floating down the Gur River (Hungary is its old name) to Snezhny village (old Kun settlement). Boarding on night train to get to Ust’-Orochi station on the Tumnin River (140 km/88 miles).

Part 3

Day 12.
Viewing Orochi ethnic museum, rafting down the Tumnin River (40 km/25 miles).

Day 13.
Outing on the sea on catamarans, recreation on the bay site (Datta village).

Day 14.
A car takes the group to the town of Vanino or Sovyetskaya Gavan (old name - Emperor Haven). Leaving back to Khabarovsk by train at night.

День 15.
Coming to Khabarovsk at 8:30 p.m.

   Ecological tours >> “Down the Arsenyev path”. Hiking Tour  
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