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Butterfly tour on the Russian Far East.

The most suitable time: June - September

Etnomofauna, as well as the nature of the Amur Region as a whole, is full of contrasts like any other spot of the Far East in Russia. In the mixed woods of the valley of the Amur river and its inflows live the typical southerners such as: Brahmaea tancrei, Dermaleipa juno, Euthalia schrenkii and Neptis tshetverikovi. Boundless bogs of the intermountain hollows serve as refuges for many northerners, including Clossiana pales, Oeneis jutta, Erebia embla. The Priamursky mountains are not of great height (about 1500 m ), but on their slopes such mountaineers as Colias melinos, Erebia fletcheri, Clossiana elatus, C.Erda have found their shelter. Only here it is possible to meet a fantastic cricket Paracyphoderiis erebius or see near Papilio maacki its distant relatives Parnassius bremeri or Parnassius eversmani.

parnassius eversmani

The tour: Khabarovsk – Komsomolsk on Amur - Gornyi – Vysokogornyi - Khabarovsk.


Day 1.
Meeting at the airport of Khabarovsk.
Departure for Komsomolsk-on-Amur by train.

Day 2.
Arrival in Komsomolsk. Accommodation in a hotel.
Departure for Gornyi town.
Watching, catching and collecting insects.

Day 3.
Continuation of catching and collecting insects.
Departure for Vysokogornyi town by train.

Day 4.
Accommodation at a hotel in Vysokogornyi town.
Watching, catching and collecting insects.

Day 5.
Leaving for the Gur river bank.
Watching and collecting different types of insects (swimming bugs and larvas of dragonflies).
Going back to Vysokogornyi town.
Departure for Komsomolsk-on-Amur by train.

Day 6.
Arrival in Komsomolsk and departure for Khabarovsk by bus.
On the way - collecting insects.
In the evening - arrival in Khabarovsk. Accommodation in a hotel «Intourist».

Day 7.
Departure to Korfovskij village.
Watching and collecting insects on the Khekhtsyr Mountain.

Day 8.
Excursion over the village. Visiting the Museum of Local Study and a suvenire store.
Departure for the airport of Khabarovsk.

We have visited Yakutia (Oimyakon, Verkhoyansk), Magadan ( Susuman, Karamgen),
Primorskiy kray (lake Khanka, Arsenyev, Spask, Dalnegorsk, Vladivostok).
We well know conditions of travel in the Russian Far East.
Usually, our tours duration of 5-14 days, we travel by car, a train and the plane.
Cost: from 130 $ up to 250 $ from the 1 person per day.
Certainly, the cheapest tours near Komsomolsk na Amure city.

   Ecological tours >> Butterfly tour  
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