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Butterfly tour to Dalnegorsk (Russian Far East).

The most suitable time: June - September

More than 27 years we have organized tours in the Primorsky Territory and Sakhalin Island. In addition to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Vladivostok, we visited many times with tourists to area Dalnegorsk, Arsenyev, Ussuriysk, Lake Khanka, Slavyanka, Vityaz Bay, Zarubino, Posiet, Spassk, Luchegorsk or Dalnerechensk, and so on and so forth.
We know well the local conditions, logistics and the status of tourist services.
With your pre-order, we can organize any trip to the Far East of Russia.
For an example, see tour in Dalnegorsk below.

parnassius eversmani

The tour: Artyom - Dalnegorsk – Partizansk - Vladivostok.


Day 1.
Meeting at the airport Vladivostok.
transfer to Artyom, supper,
spending the night in hotel in Artem.

Day 2.
Departure by jeep on the way from Artem to Dalnegorsk.
Supervision over insects.
Spending the night in a hotel Dal'negorsk.

Day 3.
Supervision over insects Dal'negorsk district.
Spending the night in hotel Dalnegorsk.

Day 4.
Supervision over insects Dal'negorsk district.
Spending the night in hotel Dal'negorsk.

Day 5.
Way from Dal'negorsk backwards
Overnight in a sanatorium Gornovodnoe or Evgenevskaya,
or sanatorium Evgenevskaya.

Day 6.
Trip from Scherbakovka to Partizansk.
overnight in hotel Partizansk.
On the way - collecting insects.

Day 7.
Back from Partizansk to Artem,
spending the night in hotel in Artem.

Day 8.
Departure from the airport Vladivostok or Khabarovsk.

parnassius eversmani

We have visited Yakutia (Oimyakon, Verkhoyansk), Magadan ( Susuman, Karamgen),
Primorskiy kray (lake Khanka, Arsenyev, Spask, Dalnegorsk, Vladivostok).
Sakhalin Island, Kholmsk, Nevelsk , Nogliki, Okha etc.
We well know conditions of travel in the Russian Far East.
Usually, our tours duration of 5-14 days, we travel by car, a train and the plane.
Cost: from 130 $ up to 250 $ from the 1 person per day.
Certainly, the cheapest tours near Komsomolsk na Amure city.

   Ecological tours >> Butterfly tour  
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