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Yakutia. Oymyakon in summer period.


We also offer you to visit Oimyakon in summer. It’s another cold pole that always competes with Verkhoyansk to clear up which one is the coldest. You can see severe mountains of Cherskogo Range, make easy rafting down to the Indigirka River, look on a herd of deer and Yakutsk horses and visit nomadic settlements of Yakuts and places with permafrost.

Duration: Duration: 2 weeks.

Time: June – August

The programme(2 weeks of adventures):

1-st day.
arr Yakutsk.

2-nd day.
city tour Yakutsk (museum of mammoth).

3-d day.
Flight to Ust-Nera.

4-th day.
Departure to Oimyakon by car

5-th day.
Oimyakon. (cold pole museum etc.).

6-10 days.
Floating on catamarans and fishing on the Indigirka River (5 days)

11 days.
Arrival at Ust-Nera (overnight in hotel).

12-13 days.
Flight to Yakutsk.

In Yakutsk settlements we spend the nights in countryside hotel and in the tents for 5 nights during the floating on the river.

 rest in katamaran

Call +7 914 189 1784 or

+7 (4217 ) 20 10 67 for reservations and information.

   Ecological tours >> Yakutia. Oymyakon.  
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