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We offer you to spend your winter holidays in SKI CAMP " KORABEL” ,

where at your service:

 Теплый корпус в Корабеле

Mountain-skiing line:

The gentle slope very suitable for beginners (450m) and + sharp slope, for ski-experts (450m).
Bania, hall for a banquet, kebabs, kitchen, WALKING SKI Line.
The prices: the lift-100 roubles / hour, 300 roubles / day.
One night accomodation in warm room, ( 3-4 persons) - 600 roubles per person.
Day time stay 100 roubles / a person.

How to find (look the map):

It is possible to get there by car (only 4WD) through Pivan’village (1 hour),
or we can deliver you by special car ,
or call 8 909 888 48 09 or 8 914 189 17 84, and at the Komsomolsk BUS-station will arrive a snowmobile "Yamaha", and in 15 minutes you will be in SKI CAMP ( personal transport costs 200 roubles ),
or by foot from Komsomolsk BUS-station, on foot through the Amur river – 50 minutes.


 Подъем лыжников на Амуте

We suggest to estimate driving on slopes at lake Amut, with use for rise, our snowmobile «Yamaha». The way on top of 1350m for 6 person takes 10 minutes. These are the best places for mountain skiers in Khabarovsk territory!!!

Call before 3 days prior to arrival 8 914 189 17 84.
We can reserve a room on a ski- camp «Amut», «Kholdomi», «Shargol’», etc. both other bases and Komsomolsk hotels. Travel company NATA-TOUR. Mob. Tel: +7-914-189-17-84 Fax: +7(4217) 20-10-67 or 57-31-14

   Excursion tours >>WINTER ACTIVE TOURS  
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