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"Meeting of the Sun"

Duration: 17 days/16 nights

During this trip you will meet aboriginals of the Sakhalin Island and the Amur River. Moving from one place to another you will visit the villages of Oroch and Nivkhi, Oroki and Evenki, Ulchi and Negidailtsy, Nanay and Udehe ( Udege ). You will also have a great opportunity to have a look on their traditional costumes, to listen to the national music, to experience their customs and present-day life.
Traveling by train, jeep, car, sea you can see unique hot mineral springs of Sakhalin and ancient drawings on the Sikhate-Alin mountain rocks, you will wonder plenty of salmon in the Amur river as well.


Day 1
Arrival to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk city from Seoul (or from Khabarovsk, Moscow).
Visit of a local museum.
9:05 pm – Leaving for Nogliki village by train.

Day 2
Arrival to Nogliki. Accommodation at a hotel.
Visit of the Nyjva Island, meeting with Nivkhi people.

Day 3
Returning to Nogliki village.
Visit of Ulta village.
Having bath in the hot mineral springs.
Leaving for Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk city by train.

Day 4
8:05 am - Arrival to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.
Departure for Kholmsk town.
Leaving Kholmsk for Vanino by ferry "Sakhalin".

Day 5
Arrival to Vanino town, checking in at the hotel "Vanino".

Day 6
Visit of Ust-Orochi village. Acquaintance to life and culture of Oroch people.
Accommodation at the hotel "Vanino".

Day 7
Visit for Datta village, acquaintance with the life and culture of Oroch people.
9:05 pm - departure for Komsomolsk by train.

Day 8
9:25 am - Arrival to Komsomolsk, checking in at the hotel.
City tour, visiting museums, watching a concert of folk Nanay ethnic musical ensemble.

Day 9
7:30 am - Departure to Bogorodskoe by hydrofoil "METEOR".
4:30 pm - Arrival to Bogorodskoe village, accommodation in the hotel.
Meeting with Ulchas.
Dinner with Ulch family. Visit of a museum.

Day 10
9:00 am - Departure for Bulava village by car. Visit of museum. Watching the concert of children musical ensemble.
4:30 pm - Leaving for Nikolaevsk town by hydrofoil.
8:00 pm - Arrival to Nikolaevsk, checking in at the hotel "Sever".

Day 11
Visit of a museum. Meeting with Evenki and Negidail people.

Day 12

6:30 am – Leaving for Komsomolsk by hydrofoil "Meteor".
8:00 pm - Arrival to Komsomolsk, accommodation in the hotel "Voskhod".

Day 13
Visit of different museums and Nanay house in Komsomolsk.
Overnight it the hotel "Voskhod".

Day 14
8:00 am – Departure for Khabarovsk by car.
11:00 -13:00 - Excursion in Troitskoye village (on the way to Khabarovsk). Visit of the Nanai museum. Lunch.
2:30 - 4:00 pm - Excursion round Sikachi-Alyan village. Meeting with Nanai people.
7:00 pm – Arrival to Khabarovsk, accommodation in the hotel “Intourist”.

Day 15
Departure for Udehe area near by Gvasyugi (the Khor river), meeting with Udehe people, concert, legends telling, traditional dances, ethnic music.
Overnight in Gvasugi (or Bichevaya) village.

Day 16
In the evening – going back to Khabarovsk. Accommodation in the hotel “Intourist”.
Visit of museums in Khabarovsk.

Day 17

Departure for the airport of Khabarovsk.

   Ethnographic tours >> Native people of Sakhalin Island and Amur River.  
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