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The Amur River Cruise.

Season: from June till October.

This relaxing and educationally enriching cruise down the Amur River through a big, remote and mysterious region.

During the cruise the tourists can have a chance to get acquainted with one of the greatest rivers in the world - the Amur River, to see the nature of the Far East with various wonderful landscapes, beautiful rivers and lakes of this exotic Russian area.

You will get to know the history and the present life of the aboriginals of the Amur - Nanay, Ulchi, to get closer with the national culture, traditions and handicrafts of these people, to try different tasty dishes of fresh fish and taiga's gifts, to get memorable souvenirs.

We look forward to the meeting with the inquisitive tourists of any age on this cruise.

This wonderful and exciting route will be hold on the ship " Albatros ".


Day 1. Sunday.
Arrival in Komsomolsk (Flight from MOSCOW or train from Khabarovsk), accommodation (hotel "Voskhod"), city tour, visiting of a museum. Overnight in hotel.

Day 2. Monday.
09:00 Transfer to the ship “Albatros", accommodation on board,departure from Komsomolsk-na-Amure.
13.00 Arrival in Nizhnie-Khalby (typical Nanai village). Museum and performance of national folklore dancing ensemble.

Day 3. Tuesday.
Green parking, fishing and picnic on a coast Amur river.

Day 4. Wednesday.
Arrival in Bogorodskoye, a walking tour with a visiting of a museum and the national Ulchi's family, purchase of souvenirs.

Day 5. Thursday.
Arrival in Tyr. Survey of ruins of the ancient Buddhist's temple of the 15 century. Arrival in Takhta. Fishmarket.

Day 6. Friday.
Arrival in Nikolaevsk-na-Amure. accommodation (hotel "Sever"), city tour, visiting of a museum. Overnight in hotel.

Day 7. Saturday.
Excursion on old a fortress or the fishing factory.
In the evening departure to airport to Khabarovsk..

About ship " Albatros ":

Good equipment of sea navigation, a greater cabin for passengers, 5-7 beds, fine windows for the view, kitchen, toilet and a shower. This ship can travel in the coastal sea, to Sakhalin and Shantarskie islands.

   Excursion tours >> The Amur River Cruise  
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