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Visiting Gold Placer Mines.
Golden sand, brilliant memories!

Duration: 4 days/3 nights
Time: April – November

You will have a chance to see Komsomolsk-on-Amur city, the major industrial center of the Russian Far East. You can also learn about the culture of native tribes of Amur River and (most exciting!) to walk in gold miners’ shoes today!


Day 1.
Arrival to Khabarovsk International Airport and accomodation in the Intourist Hotel.
Dinner at the restaurant.

Day 2.
8:00 am - Breakfast.
9:30 am - A bus tour around the city.
12:30 - Lunch at the restraint.
1:30 pm - Leaving for Komsomolsk-on-Amur by bus (first class).
4:30 pm - Stopping by at Nanay ethnic museum in Troyetskoye village.
7:30 pm - Arrival to Komsomolsk and accomodation in Voskhod Hotel. Dinner.

Day 3.
8:00 am - Breakfast.
9:00 am - Departure to the gold placer mines (app. 150km/94 miles, 3 hours drive).
12:00 - Arrival to the mines and observing gold mining technology.
1:00 pm - Lunch with the miners, open conversations. After lunch you may try to extract your own golden sand with manual pan.
4:00 pm - Going back to Komsomolsk.
7:00 pm - Arrival to the Hotel, dinner at the restaurant (with folk music from Nanay ethnic ensemble.
10:00 pm - Checking out to the railway station, taking train back to Khabarovsk (leaves at 10:15)

Day 4.
6:54 am - Arrival to Khabarovsk, transfer into Intourist Hotel.
8:00 am - Breakfast and free time.

   Excursion tours >> Visiting Gold Placer Mines  
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