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 Excursion tours >> “Legends of building the Sakhalin tunnel”  

“Legends of building the Sakhalin tunnel”. Travel to Lazarev and De-Castry port.

Unfinished bridge - the road to Lasrev

Duration: 5 days / 4 nights

On the 5th of May 1950 Central Committee of Communist Party of the Soviet Union and Council of Ministers accepted the secret provision concerning the design and building of a railroad line between Komsomolsk-on–Amur and Pobedino village (the island of Sakhalin) with a tunnel transition through the Tatar Strait.

There was a proposal to build a railway with the direction Komsomolsk-Selikhino- Lazarev Cape, then to make a tunnel through the strait, and than to proceed the line from Pogibi village (the island of Sakhalin) to Pobedino village.

It was planed to build a big timber-coal industry seaport in the De-Castry bay ( the gulf of Chikhacheva). Thousands of prisoners worked on this project. But after Stalin's death in 1953 the construction was stopped unexpectably and the tunnel was flooded.

Now you can have a unique opportunity to visit the place of that great building, to touch the barracks of Stalin camps, to see the huge railway bridges that did not happen to hear any hooter of a steam locomotive.


Day 1.
Morning - departure from Komsomolsk-on-Amure by hydrofoil "Meteor "down the Amur river.
After lunch arrival at Bogorodskoe village.
Visit to a local museum.
Departure for Lazarev port by jeep.
Accommodation in a hotel of the village.

Day 2-3.
In port Lazarev: researches of camp remains and ruins of the tunnel.
Meeting with old-residents, sity tour. You will see the warehouse of explosives, the cemetery time the of prisoners, a private museum, documents, foto and red banners of great buildings. Overnight in a private house.

Day 4.
Departure for port De-Castry by jeep, study of history of oil pipeline Okha - Komsomolsk building, visit of a school. Spending the night at a hotel.

Day 5.
Early in the morning - departure for Komsomolsk by jeep.
On the way back – making pictures of unfinished railway Lazarev - Komsomolsk, bridges and other objects.
Arrival to Komsomolsk late at night.

   Excursion tours >> “Legends of building the Sakhalin tunnel”  
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