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Komsomolsk-on-Amur as the center Stalin's Penitentiary Camps in Khabarovsk territory.

If you are interested in the topic you can to visit places of location of camp departments and camp cemeteries. You will see the quarries made up by prisoners of station camps and the Administrative Office of these camps, rails of the Old BAM (Bailkal Amur Railway) and the first tunnel of BAM.

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Long(2-3 days), middle(5 hours) and short (3,5 hours) duration this tour is possible.

Usually this long tour consists of 3 parts :

  • 1."For Whom The Bell Tolls" (STALIN CAMPS in Komsomolsk);
  • 2."The Old Bailkal-Amur Railway (BAM)";
  • 3."Construction - 500" ( building the railway "Komsomolsk- Sovgavan").

  • Program (long tour):

    Day 1.
    Arrival to Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
    Accommodation in Hotel "Voskhod".
    City tour. The State historical museum of Komsomolsk.
    In the afternoon you are invited to the first excursion called "For Whom the Bell Tolls" (over the central part of the town). You will see that Komsomolsk, which was called "the first socialist city of the country", was the center of Stalin camps of Khabarovsk territory. Here over 40 camps departments were set up. Objects of the excursion were building where prisoners worked, the Administrative Office of Komsomolsk camps and the Memorial Stone to the victims of political repression.
    Staying over night in the hotel "Voskhod'.

    Day 2.
    The second excursion is called "The Old BAM" ( Baikal Amur Railway is the railway between Komsomolsk and Lake Baikal.
    We will visit one of the places where prisoners lived building the railway. Along the railway there were camp hospital and camp cemeteries and you will see quarry developed by the prisoners of Stalin camps.
    In the afternoon excursion continues about building of the railway "Komsomolsk-Sovgavan" (the name of the excursion is "Construction-500"), it is provided with video on this topic. We can have a short yacht trip cross Amur river ( or by car ) and you can to visit first tunnel of BAM.
    Staying over night in the hotel "Voskhod'.

    Day 3.
    Leaving for Khabarovsk by the Amur river, train or for Moscow - by plane.

    Memorial stone for Victims of the 1930-50s Repressions.

    You can buy copies documentary video CD covers the period of 1939-1945.

    In the tunnel

    It's a chance to see everything with your own eyes and make up your mind on that period of our history!

    Today a lot of rubbish around the tunnel, but the volunteers are working to clean-up tunnel.

    You can see the news about cleaning the tunnel here, and even make a donation.

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