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Ornithological tours.


The world of birds of the Amur river abounds in various species. In the spring and autumn there are thousand flights of swans, geese, ducks, sandpipers, herons and cranes, day time birds of prey and passerines.

Participating in our tours you can see majestic sea eagles (Halieetus pelagicus and Halieetus albicilla), Japanese and black cranes (Grus japonensis and Grus monacha), Oriental white stork (Ciconia boyciana) and other rare birds.

Species brought to the Red Book inhabit here. Among them - Ninox scutulata us., Ciconia nigra, Anser erythropus, Aix galericulata, Cygnus cygnus and Cygnus bewickii, Mergus squamatus, Pandion halietus, Falco peregrinus japon, Aquila chysaetos kamt, Aquila clanga and others.

The detailed list of birds in Komsomolsky reserve you can see (file is 100kb).

Besides we can organize a special tour, 2-4 days long to observe a fascinating and rare bird - Falcipennis.

Below we offer the routes we have tested:


Komsomolsk - Komsomolsk State Nature Reserve - Lake Udyl
- Hingansky State Nature Reserve - Khabarovsk.

Duration: 14 days

Day 1.
8:30 am - Arrival in Komsomolsk from Moscow.
Excursion of Komsomolsk State Nature Reserve.

Day 2.
Excursion of Komsomolsk State Nature Reserve.

Day 3.
8:00 am - Departure for Bogorodskoe by ship.
Arrival in Bogorodskoe.

Day 4.
Departure for Lake Udyl. Excursion of the lake.

Day 5-6.
Excursion of lake Udyl.

Day 7.
8:00 am - Departure for Komsomolsk by hydrofoil "Meteor".
12:30 pm - Arrival in Komsomolsk.Lunch. Sauna. Dinner.
10:35 pm - Departure for Khabarovsk city by train №67.

Day 8.
6:32 am - Arrival in Khabarovsk. Change the train.
7:51 am - Departure for Arkhara by train №183.
4:20 pm - Arrival in Arkhara. Departure to Hingansky State Nature Reserve.

Day 9-11.
Excursion of Hingansky State Nature Reserve.

Day 12.
Departure from the reserve.
11:17 pm - Leaving Arkhara for Khabarovsk by night train.

Day 13.
8:12 am - Arrival in Khabarovsk. Accommodation in a hotel "Inturist". Lunch.
2:00 pm - Excursion to Khekhtcir State Nature Reserve (Khabarovsk).
Overnight in the hotel.

Day 14.
10:30 am - Departure for the airport.
12:25 pm - Flight 026 (Khabarovsk - Moscow).

Lake Udyl'


Komsomolsky and Bolonsky State Nature Reserves.

Duration: 5 days

Route: Komsomolsk - Komsomolsk State Nature Reserve - Lake Bolon - Bolonsky State Nature Reserve.

Part I. Komsomolsky Nature Reserve.

Day 1.
6:42 am - Arrival in Komsomolsk by train.
9:00 am - Leaving for the central office of Komsomolsky State Nature Reserve by bus.
Lecture about nature of reserve and forthcoming route.
10:00 am - Departure for the territory of reserve up to cordon "Tikhaya" (80 km, 1,5 hours of journey). Meetings with reserve's guard. Lunch.
Rafting down the Talanda river on catamarans and boats.
Spending night in tents.

Day 2.
Exploration of caves, watching birds.
Continuation of rafting up to the Gorin river and ancient Nanaian village Bichi.
Visit of a Nanaian house.
In the evening - sauna (Russian "banya").
Overnight in a village house.

Day 3.
Departure for Komsomolsk-on-Amur city.
4:00 pm - Arrival in Komsomolsk.
5:00 pm - Departure for Amursk town to visit Bolonsky Reserve.

Part II. Bolonsky Nature Reserve.

Day 4.
7:00 pm - Arrival in Amursk town. Accommodation in a hotel.
8:00 pm - Visit of an office of Bolonsky Reserve.
Dinner. Overnight in the hotel.

Day 5.
8:00 am - Departure for the territory of reserve.
Travel along Lake Bolon on motorboats and catamarans with support and excursion of reserve employees. Visit of the Yadasen island (extinct volcano).
9:00 pm - Leaving for Komsomolsk or at
1:20 am - Boarding to a night train to Khabarovsk at Bolon Station.

Both parts of program 2 can be reserved separately. (Then the duration of tour will be 2-3 days).


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