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 Ecological tours  

Spending your time in forests of Ussury taiga, rafting down wild rivers and mountaineering will make your trip to Russia unforgettable.
The tours we offer are relaxing and full of adventures at the same time.
Choose what you feel like: a trip for having a rest with your family and friends or exciting hike for really brave people. show map ecological tours( 91K)

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Real rafting
Family rafting tours
Downstream Gur&Amur rivers (2 or 1 days)
Fishing on the Tumnin and Anyuy river
Fishing on the river GUR
Butterfly tour Komsomolsk - Gornyi - Vysokogornyi
Butterfly tour to Dalnegorsk, Lake Khanka, Slavyanka, Vityaz Bay and so on...
Yacht tour
Skiing and skating on the ice Amur river
Falcipennis tour
Ornithological tour
Bolonsky Nature Reserve
State Natural Reserve 'Komsomolsky'
Rafting along the Gur river (150 kms) + Cave survey
Bicycle tour "Beauty of the Mayochan ridge and mountain lake Amut”
Hiking tour “Beauty of the Myaochan ridge and mountain lake Amut”
Jeep tour “The Myaochan mountains - the Gorin river”
“Down the Arsenyev path”. Hiking Tour
Tour to the mountain ridge Badgal
Yakutia. Verkhoyansk
Yakutia. Oymyakon
Skiing tour

   Ecological tours  
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